Company profile

     Nanjing Clearcloud Software Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is a Big-Data product-oriented and high-tech enterprise. After three years of unremitting efforts, the company has introduced xProbe network traffic visualization, iMAP large data analysis platform and other products, and has attracted a number of industry elites, technology returnees and university professors to participate in product development as well as obtained related intellectual property certification.

     At the beginning of 2015, the enterprise actively researched and developed CDN network services based on BigData, and contributed a lot to the "Internet +" and "Industrial 4.0" strategic layouts put forward by the state.

     With the philosophy of unity, struggle, cooperation and win-win, we recruit talents all over the world, hoping to make a better future together.

Corporate culture

     Aiming at developing the best products in the world, we have our own criteria—integrity and refinement. By years' accumulation of deep credibility and self-improvement, we've grown up into a high-tech company with advanced technology, excellent brand and first-class service.

     We established an efficient and transparent management system, and we have a far-reaching corporate culture. With a strong sense of social responsibility, we respect and abide by the law, and protect the environment, combining business growth and social development as a whole. We respect our customers' needs and investments. We create value for our customers through innovation and employee development. We invest a lot in both the happiness and competitiveness of our employees in respect for their personalities, and provide a reasonable return for their contributions. Through the continuous improvement of our organization and developing process, the development of leadership and competitiveness in our group and open innovation, we've become one of the most respected company by the society, customers, shareholders and employees.

Industry in depth

Transportation: Help the transportation industry strengthen asset management, improve efficiency, and enhance safety and passenger experience through various information technologies.

Automobile manufacturing industry: Help the transformation of manufacturing enterprises, from simple processing of the primary "manufacturing" to the fully integrated intelligent industry chain. Accelerate best-practice development to address the automotive industry's challenges in consumer demand, technology development, globalization, integration and collaboration.

Energy Utilities: Help enhance industry agility and facilitate smart grid transformation through industry frameworks. Help consolidate and manage utility systems, including resources, equipment, networks, servers, applications and data. Help achieve intelligent energy monitoring and control management. Create a configurable software platform to help companies enhance their products, improve resource management and optimize global operations.

Finance & Insurance: Build a strategic platform for smarter financial solutions to increase your agility and innovation. Faster implementation of insurance solutions with a framework approach increases process transparency and flexibility while reducing costs.

Telecommunications: Create a strategic software platform to help enable smarter communications infrastructures. Support new business models. Differentiate customer experience. Improve operational efficiency.

Government Public Sector: A unified software platform for public utilities that helps improve public service, increase transparency, enhance public safety, and achieve a sustainable environment.

Contact us

Tel:  025-52614772

Address:  B block, 21 floor, B building,Xindadu square, Nanjing

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