Network traffic visualization

It is like a remote sensing satellite overlooking the entire cloud computing center, which gradually reveals the application represented by the network traffic and looks into network and server traffic anomalies. By the use of real-time monitoring, forecasting analysis and other functions, it can provide a new revolutionary escort to the user experience.

Through the high-speed data acquisition, the data is effectively cleaned up, and data model is established to understand the meaning of network traffic, and then on the large data platform, data aggregation, sorting, statistics and other operations can be performed, supporting for network abnormal events capture, analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting.


Cyber security

Based on the visualization of network traffic, the security computing models for different protocols and applications are designed, so the DDoS can be early warned, and especially, the application layer CC attacks can be detected in real time. Internally through the self-learning model and analysis of malware and C&C communication protocol, the controlled machines can be found immediately.

As 0day attack is very hard to detect for traditional network defense equipment, detection of advanced persistent threat (APT) is facing the risk of being bypassed by the hackers. Using behavioral analysis to find the victim machine after the invasion in the shortest time is currently the most effective detection means. Big data analysis helps extract the attack features from massive amounts of data, and through multi-dimensional complex calculations, the fallen target will soon be found.

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