iTAP network traffic visualization

    ITAP is a bypass monitoring device deployed on a network. Utilizing large-scale data analysis and AI technology, not only can it monitor the quality of service of the internal network and servers, but also warn external DDoS attacks and Malware intrusion, thus ensuring reliable and secure service. User network behavior can be characterized by metadata such as response time, traffic, number of hits, and access success rate. Using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), metadata of the entire data center can be abstracted through multi-layer protocol analysis on full traffic. ITAP products currently have a total of five series, with a maximum processing speed of 20Gbps in international leading level.

iMAP large data analysis platform

    IMAP (intelligent metadata analytic platform) is a big data analysis platform that brings together multiple data sources. Metadata is aggregated and analyzed, and the health of the data center as a whole or of each server can be calculated in real time. Combined with artificial intelligence technology, the implementation of intelligent operation and maintenance and the timely warning of large-scale network attacks (DDOS) are available.

    It can analyze the data of arbitrary period, any IP segment, any characteristic and any dimension through the big data analysis platform which can be customized. The results of the data analysis are combined, summarized and sorted, which embodies the powerful computing ability of IMAP. Through the preservation mechanism, it provides a powerful analytical method for fault diagnosis.

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