Bypass deployment

     Plug-and-play bypass deployment uses real-time large-volume data CT perspective, providing non-destructive monitoring for the network. Since it does not consume network and server resources like probes and logs, it has no impact on normal business.

Real-time Internet Monitor

     Real-time Internet Monitoring (RIM) refers to the continuous monitoring of the overall situation of the Internet. Through big data analysis technology, the busiest place, the slowest place, the place not smooth and the most stressful place can be acquired in real time. Combining big data display technology, you can select region or operator on the map as a unit for filtering and aggregation to display real-time network traffic information of different sizes of networks. Through TOP-N ranking, the network information can be more vivid and intuitive to show.

Big data applications

     Big data offers plenty of opportunities to help you gain insight and stand out from the competition. However, there is a need for appropriate technology to help you manage and use the data. Cloud-based solutions help you quickly leverage the power of big data while reducing costs, creating a highly secure environment, and making big data available to you. Combining RIM functionality with enterprise-level analytics, it can help you manage the large amounts of data your organization processes daily and gain insights from it. It provides enterprise-wide support for large-scale multi-structured data processing and analysis, including application accelerators, visualization, dashboards, development tools, and security features. It analyzes a variety of structured and unstructured datasets in high speed. Through flexible data storage, management and analysis, the traditional data warehouse environment can be modernized.

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