Business Consulting

     Our developers have extensive experience in almost every field and industry. They use proven methods to help you develop the right IT strategy to support your business. We measure the business value of IT investments, quickly develop concrete and realistic plans to improve IT service delivery quality, speed and reliability and increase customer or stakeholder satisfaction.

     Our data models and visual interfaces help you understand and manage all aspects of IT with industry by best industry practices, cutting-edge technology, and industry expertise, enabling you to more effectively align with your overall business strategy.

IT Services

     We provide a collection and analysis platform for big data, supporting MYSQL, ORACLE and other traditional database session and log collection, WINDOWS, LINUX platform probe deployment, as well as cross-platform WINLOG, SYSLOG log incremental acquisition. Meanwhile powerful and Flexible application plug-in package deployment is available to support the collection and analysis of the data from a variety of technical framework platform. All data were analyzed in our big data platform across the latitude. Real-time monitoring via automatic cluster maintenance, alarms and advanced configurable views enable you to optimize heterogeneous applications and systems with the lowest total cost of ownership. An operational analyst is allowed to access key performance indicators and critical diagnostic information for network operations.

     Simplification of deployment, reduction of management complexity, and creation of highly flexible, configurable views help user-friendly self-service. We automate APM, NPM and BPM to streamline work and reduce costs, driving business model updates and sustainable growth. We are committed to providing first-class IT service delivery worldwide for a long time.

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